Солодухо Александр Сергеевич

Aliaksander S. Saladukha

Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor

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Born Dec. 20, 1976.

He graduated from secondary school № 170 in Minsk in 1994.

In 1999 he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Economics (Belarusian State University) - specialization - social psychology.

In 2003, a postgraduate studies of the Academy of Postgraduate Education in the specialty 19.00.01 - general psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology.

In 2005, he defended his dissertation "Transforming scientific psychological discourse followers of Vygotsky,"

The special courses "Psychology of Communication", "Experimental and Applied Psychosemantics" "Qualitative research methods in psychology", "Analysis of the texts in the practice of psychologist." were elaborated.

Since 1999 - participant of republican and international scientific and practical conferences on psychology (Belarus, Russian Federation).

In 2000, an intern at the University of Sussex (UK)

Scientific and applied interest:

Discursive psychology, methods of texts investigation, qualitative methods in scientific psychological research, postmodern perspective of psychology, social constructivism in modern psychology, persuasive and manipulative effect, closed subcultures and countercultures, the content of individual and social consciousness, the psychology of interpersonal relations, socio-psychological training, individual counseling and psychotherapy, the transformation of contemporary psychological discourse.