Fofanova GA

Galina A. Fofanova

Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor

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  1. Methods of Economic Psychology. / A. S. Saladukha, H. А. Fofanava– Minsk, 2011. (rus)
  2. Economic psychology. /V.A.Polykarpov, A. S. Saladukha, H. А. Fofanava – Minsk, 2013. (rus)


Main Articles

  1. The Dialogical Self as a subject psychological research.
  2. The self as a problem area of psychological researches.
  3. Structural-substantial features of the dialogical self of students of natural and humanitarian faculties.
  4. Metaphor as the tool of subcultural interdetermination of dialogical self of subjects of educational subcultures.
  5. Pidginization and Creolization as Mechanisms of SubculturalInterdetermination of Dialogical Self. (rus)  
  6. Educational Subculture and Dialogical Self of Students:Results of Interdetermination. (rus)  
  7. Scientific metaphors in autobiographical narratives of students of natural and humanitarian educational subcultures. (rus)
  8. Dialogical self in autobiographical narratives of subjects of educational subculture. (rus)  
  9. The Dialogical Self in the space of Educational Subcultures.
  10. Peculiarities of the construction of dialogical self. (rus)
  11. Psychological Expertise of Covert Advertising:Problems and Perspectives. /A. S. Saladukha, H. А. Fofanava (rus)
  12. The Denomination of the Belarusian National Currency: Psychological Tools of Optimizing the Implementation of Innovations. /A. S. Saladukha, H. А. Fofanava (rus)