Елсукова Наталья Альбертовна

Natalia A. Elsukova

Candidate of Sociology, Associate Professor


I was born on February 2, 1965 in Minsk.

In 1987 I graduated inMathematics from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Belarusian State University. Following the placement of graduates, I worked at the R&D institute "Agat." Since 1992, I have been working at Belarusian State University. Starting from September 1995,I am teaching at the Department of Social Communication (formerly Department of Information and Communication), Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science, BSU.

In 2007 I defended my candidate's thesis on the topic "Methodology of the Sociological Research of Hard-to-Reach Population." In 2010, I was awarded the title of Associate Professor.


I developed and lecture the following courses:

  • "Applied Statistics in Sociology",
  • "Software of Quantitative Data Analysis in Sociology", and
  • "Computer Analysis of Social Science Data".

Research Activities:

Since 1993 I participate in the social research of socio-political and socio-medical themes such as:

  • "Democracy and Local Authorities" (1998),
  • "Investigation of intravenous drug use in the city of Minsk" (2001),
  • "Efficiency estimation of course of life skills/healthy lifestyle (Svetlogorsk)" (2006),
  • "Byelorussian printed mass media coverage HIV/AIDS problems" (2001, 2008, 2010),
  • "Sexual and reproductive health of people living with HIV" (2009).

I am the author of a textbook "Marketing Research", co-author of several scientific and methodological publications in the textbook "Sociology" (Minsk), in the book "Methodology of Political Discourse Research" (issues 1-2), in the methodological publication "Monitoring and Estimation of HIV/AIDS."

Myarticles "The use of statistical methods to estimate the number of hard to study and little-studied social groups", "Study of HIV-positive population Belarus with the methods of sociological analysis of print media", "Social group as an object of sociological research", in collaboration with T. Kupchinova, "Constructing a social problem in the print media" appeared in scientific journals "Sociology" and "Philosophy and Social Sciences."

Research interests:

  • Methodology and Methods of Social Research
  • Statistical Analysis of Social Science Data
  • Marketing Research