Купчинова Татьяна Владимировна

Tatiana V. Kupchinova

Candidate of Sociology, Associate Professor

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I graduated with honors in Sociology of Management from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy and Economics, Belarusian State University, in 1995, and continued with postgraduate studies. I 1999, I defended a thesis titled "Economic Behavior of the Human as a Social Phenomenon (Methodological Issues)."

Since 2000, I have worked as Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Communication, BSU.

In 2002 and in 2003, I was a fellow within the TEMPUS project at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Malaga, Spain. Following those fellowship, in 2005, I completed a postgraduate course on the Spanish language at the Minsk State Linguistic University.


  • Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • The Art of Presentation

Research Interests:

  • Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Culture Studies
  • Innovation Management
  • Risk Management