Лимаренко Александр Петрович

Alexander P. Limarenko

Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor


Candidate of Philosophy (1984), sociology department associate professor (1989-1999, 2009). Sociologist, specialist in history of sociology, methodology and methods of sociological researches.

He was born on September 23rd, 1943 in Akmolinsk (Kazakh Soviet Socialistic Republic) in the family of office workers. He finished secondary school in Minsk in 1961. After serving in the armed forces he had entered the philosophy department of the faculty of history of the BSU, and graduated it in 1973. He has been studying at postgraduate course at the history of philosophy and logic department from 1973 to 1976. Then he worked at problem laboratory of sociological research of BSU Institute of Philosophy and Law of BSSR Academy of Sciences as research worker and senior researcher. He's been working at sociology department from 1989 to 1999 as an associate professor and as a deputy director of "International Humanitarian Institute" of Belarusian State University from 1999 to 2003. He also worked as an associate professor of social and humanitarian sciences department of the faculty of international relations BSU (2003 - 2009). He's been working as an associate professor of sociology department since 2009.

Sphere of scientific interests:

problems of history of national and Western Sociology, methodology of sociological research, social stratification, and sociology of education, marketing and advertisement. A.P. Limarenko was a scientific adviser of a number of research projects devoted to problems of national culture and education, labour-market research, problems of students' adaptation to new factors of social environment, sociology of the family and etc. A.P. Limarenko made an important contribution to the arrangement of professional sociological education in Belarus. He places high emphasis on scientific personnel training and supervises postgraduate students' scientific work.

He is an author more than 90 scientific works, including: "Sociological Dictionary" (1991, joint author); "Methodological Foundations of Sociology: Sociology as a Science" (1992, joint author); "History of Sociology" (1993 and 1997, joint author); "The Human Nowadays" (2009, Minsk) and etc.