Метлицкий Игорь Евгеньевич

Igor E. Metlitskij

Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Kalvaryiskaia str. 9, room 428 Minsk Republic of Belarus 220004

Tel.: (+375-17) 259-70-48; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Was born on February, 6th, 1959 (Orsha, Byelorussia).

1981 - has ended the Belarus state university on a speciality - physics

1996 - has ended Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Byelorussia on a speciality - jurisprudence.

2016 - has ended Official body «Republican institute of the higher school» on a speciality - management of establishments of vocational training.

The senior lecturer of chair of psychology PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor.

The head of educational laboratory on criminal psychology of the Belarus state university.

Scientific interests: criminal psychology, psychology of operative and prospecting activity, judicial psychology, judicial psychological examination, criminology.