Hanna A. Davidivich

Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Kalvaryiskaia str. 9, room 428 Minsk Republic of Belarus 220004

Tel.: (+375-17) 259-70-48; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scholar Google

  1. Davidovich A.A. Neuro-psychological structure of intellectual activity in the process of counting at primary school age (rus).
  2. Davidovich A.A. Difficulties teaching in a secondary school: neuropsychological approach(rus).
  3. Davidovich A.A. Neuropsychological analysis of the difficulties of mastering the concept and counting operations by first-graders(rus).
  4. Davidovich A.A. Mastering of the concept of number and counting operations by first-formers with neuro-psychological deviant development syndromes(rus).
  5. Davidovich A.A. Early learning: benefit or harm? (rus)
  6. Davidovich A.A.Neuropsychological support of the mental development of the child(rus).