Maryia A. Kizima

Senior Lecturer

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Selected publications:

  1. KizimaS.A., Kizima M.A. Tourism in the Soviet Union: Iron Curtain and Mobility Materials of Third International Conference on the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility "Tourism and the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility" (CD-publication), York: 2005, 8 pages.
  2. Kizima, M.A. The development of business styles in post-Soviet Russia and Belarus / M. A. Kizima, S.A. Kizima // Business and economic history on-line. Papers presented at the BHC annual meeting [Electronic resource]. –Vol. 7. – 2008. – Mode of access: – Date of access: 23.09.2009
  3. Kizima M. A. Grand Strategies of Belarus and Ukraine / S. A. Kizima, M.A. Kizima // Altaalla, ed. by JuhaniIhanus&VesaTalvitie. – Helsink: Ntamo. – 2014. – p. 104-110.