Victoria A. Dvoretskaya

Victoria A. Dvoretskaya

Senior Lecturers

Major works:

1. Dvoretskaya V.A. Features of aggressive behavior of pupils of the orphanage // Abstracts of reports of the inter-university scientific conference of young scientists, Minsk, April 23, 2009 / Minsk, GIUST BSU, 2009. - p. 18-19.

2. Dvoretskaya V.A. Problems of the formation of educational motivation and emotional attitude to it in orphans raised in a boarding school // Abstracts of reports of the inter-university scientific conference of students and graduate students, Minsk, April 15, 2010 / Minsk, GIUST BSU, 2010. - p. 150.

3. Dvoretskaya V.A. Socio-psychological work in a preschool institution // Forms and methods of social work in various fields of life: Materials of the V Intern. scientific-practical Conf., Ulan - Ude, December 8–9, 2016 / East Siberian State University of Technology and Management. - Ulan - Ude, 2016.- p. 102-103.

4. Dvoretskaya V.A. Features of the professional formation of specialists in the social sphere // Social work in the modern world: the interaction of science, education and practice: Materials of VIII Intern. scientific-practical Conf., Belgorod, November 30 - December 1, 2016 / Belgorod State National Research University. - Belgorod, 2016.—p. 197-202.

5. Tratinko T.V., Dvoretskaya V.A. The development of professionally - communicative competences among students (on the example of the specialty "Social Work") // Actual trends in social communications: history and modernity. Collection of scientific articles. - Izhevsk, 2016. - p. 233 - 237.

6. Dvoretskaya V.A. Professional development of students of the specialty "Social Work" // Materials of the XX International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists / Minsk, April 13-14, 2017. – p. 125.

7. Dvoretskaya V.A. The role of the state in the formation of reproductive health of adolescents (on the example of the Republic of Belarus) // The main aspects of protecting the reproductive health of adolescents: Materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference. - Novosibirsk, 2017. - p. 35-37.

8. Dvoretskaya V.A. Dynamic trends in the development of the motivational-value sphere among students of the specialty “Social Work” // Materials of the XXI International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists, Minsk, April 12–13. 2018 - Minsk: GIUST BSU, 2018 .- p. 106-107.

9. Dvoretskaya V.A. The role of preschool institutions in introducing children to a healthy lifestyle (on the example of the Praleska preschool education program, Republic of Belarus) // The role of primary medical prevention in strengthening public health: Materials of the III All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference - Novosibirsk, October 26, 2018. - p. 52-54.

10. Dvoretskaya V.A. The role of associations of interests in optimizing the psycho-emotional development of adolescents / V.A. Dvoretskaya // Materials of the IV National Scientific and Practical Conference “Features of the formation of a healthy lifestyle: factors and conditions”, Ulan-Ude December 2018: VSGUTU Publishing House. p. 39-40.

11. Dvoretskaya V.A. Motivation of students to graduate / V.A. Dvoretskaya // Creative components of the training of specialists of the 2nd stage of higher education: Materials of the 16th scientific-methodical conference of the FFSN BSU. - Minsk, 2019 – p. 15-17.