Andrew Schumann (ed.),

History and Philosophy of Logic. Volume 32(1) 2011: Modern Review of Judaic Logic. Taylor & Francis, 2011.

ISSN: 1464-5149 (electronic) 0144-5340 (paper)


In this volume, we consider a historical context of Judaic logic as well as various possible versions of its formalization. In particular, in the volume a general logical-philosophical characteristic of Judaic reasoning is offered (Norman Solomon), Judaic receptions of Aristotle's dialectics are traced (Aviram Ravitsky, Mauro Zonta), the set-theoretic assumptions used in the Talmud are formalized (Michael Abraham, Dov M. Gabbay, Gabriel Hazut, Yosef E. Maruvka and Uri Schild), the probability-like reasoning of the Talmud is formalized (Dov M. Gabbay and Moshe Koppel), a theory of massive-parallel proofs is sketched (Andrew Schumann), an explication of logical-philosophical ideas of some Kabbalistic authors is proposed (Yoel Matveyev).