▪ 5 specialties:
Social communications, sociology, philosophy, psychology, social work
▪ 7 departments:
Social communications, social and organizational psychology, general and medical psychology, sociology, philosophy of culture, philosophy and methodology of science, social work and rehabilitation
▪ 7 student organizations:
Student Union, Creative Union, Council of Elders, Press Service, Council for the Quality of Education, Trade Union of Students, Belarusian Republican Youth Union
▪ 4 teaching and research laboratories:
Educational laboratory of information and communication technologies, SNIL ''Socium'', laboratory of criminal psychology, laboratory of general and medical psychology.


1500 students studying at FFSN
and 142 undergraduates
40 PhD students
15 doctoral students


1 academician NAS of Belarus
1 corresponding member NAS of Belarus
20 professors, doctors of sciences
75 docents, PhDs