Educational activity of the chair

The chair of philosophy and methodology of science provides teaching of the philosophical disciplines at all faculties of the BSU and at all levels of high and post graduate education (students, post-graduate students). For the last five years (2005-2010) the chair of philosophy and methodology of science provided following courses:

At the humanitarian and natural science faculties of BSU:

1. Philosophy

2. Philosophy in the modern world

3. Conceptions of modern natural sciences

4. Basics of logic and methodology of a science

On the Faculty of Philosophy and Social sciences:

1. Philosophy

2. Philosophy in the modern world

3. Conceptions of modern natural sciences

4. Social anthropology

On the philosophical department of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social sciences:

The basic course "Philosophy" for students of philosophical department on the basis of which the final graduation examination is taken, includes following sections:

1. Propaedeutics. Historical types of classical and non-classical philosophy (1 course, II semester)

2. Philosophical anthropology (2 course, III semester)

3. The theory of knowledge and philosophy of science (2 course, IV semester)

4. Social philosophy (3-4 course, V-VII semester)

5. Metaphysics and ontology (4 course, VIII semester)

Other disciplines:

6. Philosophical problems of social and humanitarian knowledge

7. Philosophical problems of the communications

8. Philosophy and futurology

9. Social ecology

10. Philosophical problems of biology

11. Philosophical problems of physics

12. Philosophical problems of mathematics and computer science

13. Philosophical problems of techniques

14. Basics of anthropology

15. Technique of philosophical and cultural disciplines teaching in the high school

16. Technique of social and humanitarian disciplines teaching in the secondary school

Special courses for students of the philosophical department of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social sciences:

17. Phenomenon of globalization in a social philosophy context

18. Philosophy of politics

19. East Slavic civilization in social and philosophical context

20. Virtual reality ontology and modern society

21. Philosophy of a postindustrial civilization

22. Modern social theories: sources, evolution, prospects

23. Philosophy of history in social and critical prospect

24. Intellectual history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

25. Philosophy of consciousness modern strategies

26. Modern tendencies of analytical philosophy

27. Science and religion: the comparative analysis of methodological standards of scientific and religious thinking

28. Methodology of the global evolutionism and strategy of the sustainable development

29. Philosophy of language

30. Humanitarian parameters of a modern science, etc.

The chair of philosophy and methodology of science is a graduating chair on a "Philosophy" specialization and provides the fundamental training of experts in the field of philosophy and humanities.

From the number of scientific specializations approved by the Highest Attestation Committee of Belarus, the chair provides the courses for graduates and post-graduate students on following specializations:

09.00.01. "Ontology and the theory of knowledge"

09.00.08. "Philosophy of science and technics"

09.00.11. "Social philosophy"

Members of the chair take active part in preparing of educational and teaching and methodical handbooks on philosophical disciplines which are beeing published in our republic and abroad. (professor A. Zelenkov, senior lecturer V. Novikov, senior lecturer V. Anohina, senior lecturer A. Barkovskaja, senior lecturer E. Homich, senior lecturer A. Schuman, senior lecturer A. Jaskevich, etc.).

The scientific and methodical center is functioning at the chair. The basic directions of center work are:

1. The conducting and carrying out of scientific and methodical chair seminar sessions "Actual problems of philosophical disciplines teaching in modern conditions";

2. Perfection of philosophical disciplines teaching techniques. Application of the modern innovative educational and informational technologies into the educational process;

3. Development of modern techniques for organization and control of student's independent work. Application of credit-rating system into the educational process;

4. Constant updating of studying curriculums for lectures and special courses taught by the chair experts;

5. Development of a new generation of philosophical disciplines teaching and methodical literature;

6. Development of scientific and methodical maintenance for "Philosophy and methodology of a science" course teaching for graduates and post-graduate students of BSU. Optimization of existing examination system for candidate minimum on the "Philosophy and methodology of science";

7. The organization of work with post-graduate students and young teachers of the chair in order to increase their methodical skills and to study the newest educational technologies.