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Yuliya S. Smirnova

Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor

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  5. Prejudices: the Concept, Mechanisms, Effects. (rus)
  6. The Nature of Social Prejudices. (rus)
  7. The Phenomenon of Prejudices against Stigmatized Groups. (rus)
  8. Attribution of Responsibility in the Structure of Prejudices. (rus)
  9. The Ways of Prejudice Reduction: their Potential and Limitations. (rus)
  10. Modern Forms of Prejudices. (rus)
  11. The Prototypical Approach to the Analysis of the Сategory «Conflict». (rus)
  12. About the content of the concept of "prejudice". (rus)
  13. Prototypical Forms of Prejudices. (rus)
  14. Attributions in Interpersonal Conflicts. (rus)
  15. The Prototypical Approach to the Analysis of the Phenomenon of Prejudices (rus.)
  16. Teenagers' attitudes toward persons with disabilities. (rus)
  17. Attitudes of individuals with chronic diseases towards members of ingroup and outgroup of healthy people. (rus)
  18. Information uncertainty in conflicts. (rus)
  19. "Difficult people": the scientific sense of common sense category. (rus)
  20. Gender features of lying in adolescence and adulthood. (rus)
  21. Lying of teenage boys and girls with various achievement motivation. (rus)
  22. The relationship between career orientation "Autonomy" and gender attitudes of students and young specialists. (rus)
  23. The relationship of gender attitudes and career orientations of men and women at the initial stages of career building. (rus)
  24. About significance of the problem of gender prejudices in science (rus.).
  25. The relationship of cognitive flexibility and conflict response type of senior school and university students (rus.).
  26. Conflictological competence in the structure of psychologist’s professional competence (rus.).
  27. Internal conflicts in early adulthood: content and experience (rus.).
  28. The relationship of attributive style and behavioral strategies of Belarusian and Chinese students in interpersonal conflicts (rus.).
  29. The relationship between types of conflict response and personality traits in early adulthood (rus.).