Терещенко Ольга Викентовна

Olga V. Tereschenko

Candidate of Sociology, Associate Professor

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Selected Publications

1. IT Century: Youth and Social Changes: Proceedings of the International Conference. - Riga, 2001. - Other eds.: Ilze Trapenciere, Ilze Koroleva, Olga Balakireva. (in English)

2. Discrimination of Women: Does It Actually Exist in Post- Soviet Belarus? // Invitation to Dialogue: Beyond Gender (In)equality. - Riga, 1997.(in English)

3. Classification of Social Objects by Multivariate Statistical Analysis Methods // 5th Tartu Conference on Multivariate Statistics. - Tartu, 1994.(in English)

4. Working and professional values in people's notions about ways to achieve success in life // Social and Managerial Aspects of Economic Restructuring. Abstracts of papers presented at the International Conference (27-30 September, 1993). - Minsk, 1993.(in English)

5. Theory of Methods of Communication Research: Vols. 1-3 (editor). Minsk, 2005-2015. (in Russian)

6. Multivariate Statistical Data Analysis in the Social Sciences: A Handbook (principal author). Minsk, 2012. (in Russian)

7. New Media: A Trilingual Reference Book (co-author). Saint-Petersburg, 2015 (in press). (in Russian, Belarusian, English)

8. Tereschenko Olga, Titarenko Larisa. Qualitative and Quantitative Longitudinal Research and Resources in Belarus in IQ (IASSIST Quarterly) volume 34 (3 & 4) of 2010 and volume 35 (1 & 2) of 2011. P 60–63.

9. Asta Raupeliene, Rasa Rukuiziene, Olga Tereschenko, Nadezda Efimova. Conceptual Outlook to Social In-novation in EU in Proceedings of the 7th International Scientific Conference Rural Development 2015 / Edited by prof. Asta Raupeliene. – Published  by  Aleksandras  Stulginskis  University, Lithuania.