Рубанов Анатолий Владимирович

Anatolij V. Rubanov

Doctor of Sociology, Professor

Published more than 130 scientific works. The main of them are:

  • "Social subject: motives and activity" (Minsk, 1994)
  • "Social development: institutional energy approach" (Minsk, 1994)
  • "The mechanisms of mass behavior" (Minsk, 2000)
  • "To the new strategy of social development" (Minsk, 2002)
  • "Inhabitants of Minsk in XXI century: social portrait" ("Sociology", 2007; No. 4)
  • "Category of wealth as a social and cultural phenomenon" ("Kultura a Rynek", Lublin, 2008).
  • "Social ontology and social theory" ("Philosophy and social sciences", 2010; No. 1).
  • "Historical and cultural foundations of behavior motivation" ("Journal of Psychology", 2010; No. 2).