Безнюк Дмитрий Константинович

Dmitry K. Beznyuk

Doctor of Sociology, Professor

Department of Sociology

Kalvaryiskaia str. 9, room 437 Minsk Republic of Belarus 220004

Tel.: (+375-17) 259-70-41; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Major works:

  1. The Power: Methodological Foundation of Sociological Analysis. Minsk 1998.
  2. Introduction to the Sociology of Religion: Monograph. - Belgrade 2004 (in Serbian language)
  3. State-Confessional Relations in the Republic of Belarus. Minsk, 2006.
  4. Religious Situation in Belarus// East European Researches. 2007
  5. Ecumenism // Religion. 2004. (in Serbian language).
  6. Religion and Social Management: Opportunities in Modern Situation, 2005.
  7. Religion as a Factor of Modern Management, 2005. (in Serbian language).
  8. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of the State and Religion Mutual Relations Analysis, 2006
  9. The Basic Foundation of Administrative Consultation: plan of special course and lectures abstract, Minsk 2001
  10. The Foundations of the Sociology of Religion: for students of higher education institutes with humanitarian specialization.
  11. Sociology of Religion, Minsk 2009